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Welcome to Pučišća!

Welcome to one of the prettiest small places in Europe – Pučišća! Here, we’ll share many interesting facts and bits about Pučišća, so stick around!

We can not even count how many websites and magazines in the world have listed Pučišća as one of the most beautiful small places in Europe! We could easily stop our description here since it should be more than enough motivation for you to visit this little piece of heaven, but still. Here are the basics you should know traveling to Pučišća!

Pučišća (we know, hard to pronounce, isn’t it!) are known for many things, not just beauty. They are called a “13 towers port” since it used to have 13 towers guarding it against repeated attacks by pirates. It sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?! Well, the history may not have been pleasant for this lovely place, but Pučišća still maintained its character and beauty for centuries.

Today, this most charming place is also known for its long masonry tradition, with the quarry most popular due to the legend that the White House in Washington was built with stones taken out of it. We know it was, you try to oppose it if you dare! 😉

This is also the biggest municipality on Brač (not counting the city of Supetar) with around 1500 people living in three villages – Pučišća, Gornji Humac, and Pražnica. The latter is a true example of how people used to create villages out of scattered homes. They are also an example of the best-preserved archaic speech, which some locals can’t even understand!


Gornji Humac, on the other hand, is one of the oldest and most prominent settlements in the history of the island. However, this is a place full of scars of time, especially from the World War II period. But, Gornji Humac emerged like a phoenix from its own ashes and is full of taverns and inns today.

Gornji Humac

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