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Honey, let’s go get some honey in Gornji Humac!

The village of Gornji Humac is situated inland and is one of the oldest and most prominent places in the history of the island. The inhabitants are mostly beekeepers or they do livestock farming, as well as cutting and selling timber. Gornji Humac is more than 8 centuries old – it was created by Neretvian people that arrived on the island in the 12th century.

There are a couple of important, very important things to know about this village, so listen carefully – you must must must get yourself some honey! And cheese. And vitalac (explaining what this really is we will leave for some other time). Taverns in Gornji Humac offer great homemade food, with locally sourced produce and accompanied with local wine. Ok, we’ve covered the basics, now on to some other important things to do and see, while you’re here.

Gornji Humac is proud of their 17th-century church of St. Nicholas and a statue of the saint made by acclaimed Croatian sculptor, Juraj Dalmatinac. Inside, you may see a triptych of St. Michael killing the dragon, the Virgin with the child and St. Nicholas. Very beautiful is a local cemetery if you don’t mind visiting the dark side a bit.

If you venture out on a stroll around the village, you just might stumble upon some medieval remains of old settlements Mošuja and Dubravice, and others. Did you know that the name of this village was first mention back in 1250?!

So, if you enjoy exploring the rural architecture, traditions of the island and of course, some tasty traditional food, than you should put Gornji Humac on the map of places to see while on island Brač! Let us know what you liked the most!

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